The only way to save her is to kidnap her. 

Chloe Cates has spent the last year of her life falling deeper in love every day with a man she knows perished with the Charlotte when it sank off the coast of the Carolinas. 

That man has been back in England for a year now, and he has thought of her and written about her in the journal he keeps locked in his desk. He came home to England to find his family holding his funeral, and decided he would stay the person he became that day – the Ghost. 

But he can no longer stay in the shadows when he overhears a plot to kidnap and kill darling little Chloe. And, suddenly, there is no choice.

He must kidnap her himself.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains graphic action scenes, as well as power exchange as Ghost attempts to protect his Chloe. 

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The chess match…

“Remember my rules, young lady.” His deep tone of warning made her tremble.

No longer willing to let instinct guide her playing, Chloe began pondering her own moves carefully. It was terribly difficult to concentrate when his hard chest accidentally connected with her back as he made another move. His woodsy smell made her lightheaded with desire, and she found herself shifting uneasily in her seat.

“Chloe? Be still. You’re distracting me,” he said, more than once.

She tried but found it impossible, and a few commands later, he paused the game to stand her up and place a few, hard smacks on her bottom. When he finished, his reprimand growled in her ear, “Since I cannot trust you to obey and stop moving about, I have no other choice.”

“No, please—not the blindfold!” she protested with alarm, but his hands spanned her waist and moved her closer to the table. It sounded as if he took her seat. A second later, she was lifted her off her feet and brought her back roughly to sit on his lap. His arm settled around her waist and pulled her back until it was impossible to turn backward.

About the Authors

Author Bio for Pippa Greathouse:

I never tire of writing!

Of course, I didn’t always write romance. My first foray into writing consisted of what I used to call ‘Gory stories’ in the fifth grade. My classmates raved over it because their names were in it and thought it was cool. My teacher, not quite as much. (I still remember her face!)

Then came ‘The Man From Uncle’ on TV (yes, I know I’m old) and the horror turned into spy stories, soon becoming stories, but there always seemed to be a romance somewhere in there. When my parents donated their Underwood typewriter to me and bought me all the onionskin paper I could use, I was in heaven. Who knew I’d be so easy to please?

The books I write are filled with ladies who are smart, independent, and yes, stubborn! Those ladies meet their matches in strong, stern, “Alpha” men who love them to distraction, and are determined to keep them safe, no matter what.

A special thanks to all of you who read and support me; you can’t know how special you are!

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~Pippa Greathouse.



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Ruby Caine, exclusive writer for Blushing Publication. Pippa Greathouse is one of her favorite historical authors, and when the opportunity to work up with Greathouse came up, Caine jumped at the choice. She and her family live near the Big Easy and her stories often take us through the historical setting which follows along the mighty Mississippi. Her Spirits of River Oaks series revolves around the powerful psychic Lenore, who often gets messages from those who have passed on from this world. Another series by Caine is called Katrina’s Aftermath, a group of four contemporary romances minus the paranormal theme. Rounding out books by Ruby Caine is a standalone called Making the Wright Connections, featuring a bratty signer tamed by a sexy cop.


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