Renee Rose:  Do you use a pen name, and if so, how did you come up with it?

Constance Masters:  Yes I do. It’s a combination of my maiden name.


Renee Rose: Tell me about your latest release.

Constance Masters:  My Latest release is An Unexpected Husband.  

The story is about a quiet teacher (Skye), that doesn’t have a social life. She decides to go on a vacation to a small island that is a singles resort. There she meets Shaun. She lies to the tall good looking man and tells him she’s Scarlett, an actress. She just wants to be someone else. They have a hot and heavy affair and Scarlett finds herself introduced to the joys of spanking…and GREAT sex. When she le

aves the island she doesn’t think she’ll ever see him again. Not that she wouldn’t want to, he’s gorgeous, but how could she see him again? He doesn’t know who she really is. Fate though has different idea…a baby on the way and an impromptu meeting and things get interesting.


 Renee Rose:  How many books have you written? Are they all spanking fiction?

Constance Masters:  I have written lots of fan fiction. I’ve also written another novella, Becky’s Last Chance and there is a sequel to that story in the works.


Renee Rose:  How long have you been writing spanking fiction?

Constance Masters:  About three years.


Renee Rose:  is writing your full time gig?

 Constance Masters:  Well I’m a stay at home Mum so I guess you could say that lol.


Renee Rose:  What do you like to see in spanking fiction?

 Constance Masters:  I read all different kinds but I really love the whole Alpha Male taking the heroine in hand thing.


 Renee Rose:  What is your writing process?

Constance Masters:  I usually wake up with the characters or a piece of a plot in my head and I just start typing and see what happens.


Renee Rose:  What’s your take on consensual vs. non-consensual spankings in fiction?

Constance Masters:  There’s definitely a place for both in fiction. It is just that fiction.


Renee Rose:  What traits makes a hero hot to you?

Constance Masters:  I like a strong alpha male type that lays down the law. Not so hard as nails though that he comes across as mean and uncaring.


Renee Rose:  What gives your heroines strength?

Constance Masters:  Most of my heroines will fight back at least a little, lol. Even when it’s established they’ll be spanked…if it’s worth it they would probably go ahead and risk it anyway.

Renee Rose:  Are you like any of your heroines?

Constance Masters:  Um…possibly.

Renee Rose:  Are you working on a new book right now?

Constance Masters:  I have just finished the sequel to my first book Becky’s Last Chance. It takes place a few years after the other story finished. There are some flashbacks to Becky and Ryan’s wedding, Her Dad and Tracy (by Keith at dresshead store) (the principal) come back for the wedding of Becky’s best friend Kendall and Ryan’s best friend Mike the cop.

There’s a bachelorette party and a smashed new car. Ryan hopes that Becky will be able to resolve any bad blood she has with her Dad and Tracy. Becky’s not ever happy to see Tracy but her stepmother and her Dad have some surprises of their own.

Becky and Ryan live happily in a domestic discipline relationship but Kendall and Mike don’t…or do they?

Thank you very much for having me 🙂