BornToBeBound_200x300BornToBeBound_200x300Four concrete walls surround Claire. She knows every crack, every age-worn imperfection of the windowless room she’s locked within. The primal Alpha Shepherd, her captor and despotic conqueror of the city, terrifies her. Armed with the virus that nearly wiped out the human race, Shepherd demands that the citizens obey his rule or he will exterminate all life within Thólos Dome. Claire’s city, once the bastion of human civilization, has fallen into madness. Murder, rape, violence… her people are dying. They are killing one another.


Trapped in the grey-walled room, Claire cannot help the group of starving women she left in hiding to seek out Shepherd and plead for aid – aid he’ll only extend at the cost of her companions’ freedom. They, too, would be sealed behind barred doors, isolated from one other – from anyone but the soldier Shepherd decides to pair them with. Why had she thought the tyrant would listen when she’d come begging? How much worse have things become for those not being fed three square meals a day by a man they hate? How many of her companions still live?


Shepherd whispers terrible secrets regarding the city Claire loves. He tells her of old corruption, of darkness, and why he has come to crush all those who live under the Dome. The imminent threat is not the virus. Seizing one slim opportunity, Claire finds the means to escape. She runs so she can warn her friends they are in greater danger than they thought. She runs because the control Shepherd wields, his zealous attention to both her body and her mind, is changing her. She runs so she might save the citizens of Thólos Dome before they destroy themselves.


And Shepherd gives chase, because Claire belongs to him.


This, the first book in the Born To Be Bred trilogy, is a dark tale with explicit themes including abduction, dubious consent, non-consent, forced breeding and complete power exchange. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.