Available April 7th

Delilah Bell, an orphan, is a pious girl who plans to devote her life to missionary work. But when her guardian dies suddenly, she finds herself at Miss Robin’s Academy, a private finishing school for young women who hope to wed military officers.

Arriving with a terrible, life-threatening fever, she is placed under the care of the academy’s resident doctor, Edward Hendricks, who is immediately captivated by his newest, most unusual patient.

Delilah is obliged to undergo Miss Robin’s rigorous training in obedience and discipline and is surprised to find it pleasurable, as well as punishing. But a run-in with her past makes her question whether she can commit to the doctor and to life as a married woman, or whether she must leave Miss Robin’s and find her own way in the world.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains explicit themes and elements of power exchange.