Available January 16th

Have you ever imagined being in a relationship where your actions had consequences, where your man held the power, and punished and rewarded you based on your behavior? Have you ever fantasized about a head of household or 1950s type of relationship? If so, then these stories are just for you…




A deep, rumbling, masculine chuckle surrounded her from behind and a chill of pleasure at the sound tickled her nape.


“Is that how I’ve taught you to stand in the corner?” he questioned, and though there was an effort to sound stern in his voice, Katie heard a distinctive smile there too.


“No,” she confessed with a huff.  She unfolded her arms with exaggerated motions and straightened her spine, stiffening her legs, standing primly now with her hands at her sides.  She shot him a quick look over her right shoulder, telling herself sternly that he was the enemy right now and most certainly was not as sexy as he seemed to be, standing there with a lopsided grin on his face, still in his police uniform, studying her so intently.  “Better?”


“Much,” he agreed, coming up behind her.  To her chagrin, he cupped her chin in his hand and turned it gently back to the crease in the walls.  Then as her face flamed with heat, knowing what was coming from past experience, his hands came to rest all too briefly at the bottom hem of her knee-length business skirt.


And then a fraction of a second later, the entire skirt was hitched up around her waist, exposing her cream lace panties and nude-toned pantyhose to his gaze.


Not that it mattered all that much, because a few moments after that, those remaining items had been rucked down over her hips and down her legs till they pooled around her ankles.  Silently, as Katie’s face burned with heat and embarrassment, Cole guided her out of her uncomfortable high heels, and then helped her step out of the crumpled hose and now inside-out panties.


He stood back then and studied her a moment, and it took everything Katie had in her to keep staring straight ahead and not turn her head to look at him or make some unwise remark.


Finally his wide, strong hands returned to her skirt, this time at the top hem.  “I think this just needs to go too,” he said, tugging at the button and zipper till the skirt gaped open at her waist.  A moment later it was off of her body and in his hands with the rest of her clothes, except for her blouse and bra.  Katie pressed her eyes closed tight as his warm hand tapped her bare buttocks just once, right in the center, ever so lightly.  “There, now that’s much better, don’t you think?”


Katie didn’t think, but she knew the question was rhetorical and so she kept her thoughts, screaming inside her head, to herself.  Somehow she managed a small smile in his direction while still keeping her eyes trained ahead.


“My, my,” Cole commented, his hand still lying possessively on her backside.  “Look at how good you are being now that we’re here, all alone.”  Katie shivered with what she knew to be delicious anxiety.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw as he turned his free hand, wrist up, and consulted his watch.  “Fifteen minutes, Katie-girl.  I’ll be back for you in fifteen minutes.”


Somehow Katie resisted the unbelievable urge to kick her feet and throw herself down on the floor in a full blown screaming temper tantrum.  But just barely.