Twenty-five-year-old Adella “Della” Belmonte is a romance novelist who, despite her racy books, hasn’t even lost her virginity. Shy, romantic, and day dreamer enthusiast Della would rather write about the perfect guy rather than plunge herself into the dating world. But when she starts getting threats and harassing phone calls, she unwillingly seeks the help of her ex-boyfriend and local policeman, Antonio Reyes.

Antonio is a well-respected member of the police force with a bossy and protective personality which drives her crazy. Antonio is still in love with Della even after all these years and vows to protect her. Even if he has to redden her bottom every day to make her listen to reason. Della and Antonio find each other again as the hunt for Della’s stalker begins, but can he save her when she strikes out on her own to find her mysterious “Unknown Caller”?

Publisher Notes: This steamy romantic suspense contains a theme of power exchange.

Available August 18th