As the Beta of his werewolf pack, Leo has been doing what his Alpha says, even when he doesn’t want to, for years now. When he’s told to attend a government meeting one night, he thinks it will just be one of those things, until he catches the scent of the witch holding the meeting. Suddenly, he can’t get her out of his head, he’s desperately attracted to her, even knowing that his Alpha doesn’t like members of the pack bonding with anyone but other werewolves.

Della has been working in government for years now, and from experience, she doesn’t expect the meeting to go according to plan. What she also doesn’t expect is the hot-as-hell werewolf approaching her at its conclusion, lighting her body up in a way she’s never experienced before. When he asks her out, of course, she says yes. But their relationship was always going to be more complicated than just witch-meets-werewolf.

For one, Leo’s pretty sure his attraction to Della is proof that what he thought was a myth of werewolves having one perfect mate might actually be true. Also, his Alpha doesn’t want his pack members mating with anyone but other werewolves. And Della has a traumatic history of her own that makes it difficult to even imagine getting close to anyone after what happened before. But when the witch whose life is dedicated to making those of others better realises her werewolf is basically a mob enforcer, everything goes to hell. Can Leo clean up his act and get Della back? Or will he spend the rest of his life wondering what could have been? Publisher’s Note: This contemporary paranormal romance contains graphic action scenes.

Available September 28th