She’ll rile the dominant cowboy and make him prove he’s in charge.

Five cowboy heroes in this collection of five full-length historical western romances from Victoria Phelps, Carolyn Faulkner, Joannie Kay, Angela Sargenti, and Aycee Masterson.

Wyld Woman by Victoria Phelps

Risk-taker and adventure-seeker Ellen Wyld scoffs at local superstition. It is nonsense to believe that her cousins disappeared during a meteor shower while camped at the river. But the legend proves true, and Ellen tumbles one hundred years into the past and joins her cousins in Texas, 1890. 

When Ellen falls for Skip Manning, the son of the family’s enemy, no one is pleased. He plans to reform his lovely Wyld Woman and teach her thoughtfulness, respect and responsibility – over his knee if necessary. 

Indiscreet by Carolyn Faulkner

After losing her teaching job, Rissa Dayton went West to live with her sister.

Doyle, a bear of a man and dominant, with a capital D—who wasn’t at all afraid of taking snippy little redheaded gals from outside Boston to task, in the most humiliating way possible. 

The Cowboy and the Mail-Order Bride by Angela Sargenti

Eleanor’s parents passed away unexpectedly, leaving her penniless. Fearing she had no other options, she accepts an offer of marriage from a wealthy rancher. She agrees to travel out west and become his bride, but part of that agreement means she must subject herself to his discipline.

John Henry Morgan expects his new bride to be an obedient wife, but soon finds the headstrong Eleanor taking his home–and his heart–by storm.

Tucker’s Frustration by Joannie Kay

Tucker Warren is in love with Victoria Lawrence, but all the two do is fight. She owns the town’s one and only saloon, and it is a source of never-ending trouble for the sheriff.

The Gold and the Gunner by Aycee Masterson

A lost love from Josephine’s past walks back into her life, asking questions about missing Confederate gold that her father might have hidden before his death.

He’s willing to put his life in jeopardy, and to put her over his knee, to discover the truth about the gold. But he never expected the sort of treasure he’d find in the end.

Available March 19th