Welcome *back* to the Castle.

After almost a year of construction, the Castle looms on the cusp of its
grand reopening. The only problem is, it isn’t ready. Something is up with
the construction crew Marshall had hired to get them back to full working
order. So when, two days before guests are due to arrive, the construction
company bails, leaving Marshall with a Castle that is barely functional, he
is forced to do the unthinkable. He calls in outside help in the form of
any contract laborer who will answer his call.

Winona Mallaber has spent her entire life following her father from job
site to job site. But now that he’s gone, all she wants is “her spot,” a
place of permanence all her own. When she receives Marshall’s call, she
comes running, more than ready to add his money to what she’s already
saved. What she doesn’t anticipate is having to do the job in costume, the
entire concept of a Littles’ wing, or having a Master put in charge of her.
Especially not one who expects her to call him Daddy once the guests start
arriving, and who doesn’t think twice about turning her across his knee if
she breaks the rules – something she can’t seem to stop doing. As good as
she is at her job, she’s even better at making Jackson mad, developing
feelings for a “Daddy” who’s even more temporary than her job, and the only
permanent spot she seems destined to own is a spot on the bench right
outside Master Marshall’s office.

No one said being an adult was easy. Turns out, being a Little is even

In addition to *Wanting Winona*, this full-length story by Maren Smith,
eight of the hottest Daddy Dom authors have teamed up to bring you seven
brand new novellas determined to make you cry, “Oh, Daddy!”

*Undoing Una – Tabitha Black*

Una doesn’t see the point of ageplay – until she’s assigned to Master
Landon, a Daddy Dom who’s determined to change her mind…

*Educating Ella – Katie Douglas*

When two strangers bump into one another stepping off the bus at the most
renowned BDSM resort in the world, will it be a match made for a weekend in
Castle heaven… or the love of a lifetime?

*Restoring Rylee – Pepper North*

Fighting to live her secret desires at the Castle, a small-town librarian
is frozen by fear, unable to make her dreams come true. Drawn to the curvy
Little girl from the moment he sees her on the bus, Dallas claims Rylee as
his own. It will be his pleasure to bring her fantasies to life.

*Addi’s Adventure – Delia Grace*

Addi is so excited to have years of dreams come true in one weekend with
her parents at The Castle. But will an absentee Mommy ruin it all?

*Izzy’s Indulgence – Lesley Clark*

Isabella misses her time with Max. Life has gotten in the way of their
relationship, and she is at the end of her rope. Max would do anything to
take care of her including becoming the daddy she needs, even if she
doesn’t quite want it…yet.

*Daring Daisy – Allysa Hart and Rayanna Jamison*

She found the man of her dreams. The only problem: he lives on the other
side of the country. Enter the Castle, the dream destination for kinksters
around the world. It’s safe, it’s neutral, and it’s filled with promise. So
what if his brother works there? So what if the pictures she sent him were
twenty pounds ago? He’d dared her to show up, and Daisy never turned down a


*Leading Luciana – Adaline Raine*

Luciana has come to the conclusion that a Little can’t be loved gently and
handled roughly at the same time – until Master Gabriel gets his hands on
her. He’s got the medical skills of an angel but wields implements like a

Available October 29th