1893, The Adeline, Bay of Biscay. The Queen of Swords escapes the demon ruling her Knight’s heart under the protection of Lycan leader, Marcus Duart by boarding a ship bound for Italy. Juliet knows it will not be long before Nathan pursues her and binds her to his side. She only hopes he finds it in his heart to obey her command to reunite his soul with his human half to temper the demon within him so they can finally be together. The ship heads out to the Mediterranean and is quickly surrounded by a mysterious heavy fog and left to drift listless in the sea. It is easy prey for the black winged demon army from hell led by Galen, the man who overthrew Satan himself from his throne to rule the lower Kingdom. Galen will stop at nothing to possess Juliet and her immense supernatural gifts he will force her to transfer to their child and heir. But the Queen of Swords will not be taken so easily. Nor will she allow Galen to sink the ship and kill all of the passengers to convince her she is now ruled by him. Juliet finds new strength in her role as Queen and the great power she wields. She sends a call out across the waves to her beloved Knight of Swords to come to her assistance. Nathan enlists the help of the Angel Cadell disguised as a Victorian Lord as he leads his army of Knights across the ocean on a quest to rescue their beautiful Queen and help her to defeat Galen. But Cadell needs to convince Nathan he can protect Juliet more effectively with his soul whole again. Only then will the Knight of Swords finally be able to mate with his Queen before she is lost to Galen and the fiery pit of Hell.

Available July 22nd