Quarantined together, will they rekindle the flame?

When Dr Callum Hargraves walks into the Emergency Department at the hospital where he works, the last person he expects to see is the woman who left him to wake up alone after the one night they had spent together almost a year earlier. But Nina Albany is sitting in the waiting room, and when they’re both exposed to COVID-19 by an infected patient, it looks like they’re going to be trapped together on the isolation ward for another two weeks.

After growing up with a doctor parent who had no time for her, Nina swore she’d never get involved with another one – that’s why she ran from Callum that morning, despite the profound connection they had. But she can’t help the attraction that draws her towards Callum like a magnet. And spending so much time isolated together, even on a hospital ward, isn’t doing anything to decrease it.

Callum has two weeks to convince Nina to explore their connection. But can he persuade her that what they have is important enough to overcome her fear?

Publisher’s Note: This second chance romance contains sexual scenes.

Available July 11th