Viscount Weston’s Bride by Vanessa Brooks

Available June 30th

Imogene Mortimer is about to marry the man of her dreams, but is the infatuation that she has for Charles Weston true love? Does she even understand what love is all about? As a complete innocent and a product of her time, a time when young gentlewomen were kept entirely in the dark about what they could expect from marriage, Imogene is naïve, and her expectation of marriage is kisses followed soon by bouncing babies.


How will Imogene fare as the unwitting pawn between two determined brothers? Never haven been physically chastised before, how will she cope with the robust discipline meted out to her by a firm but loving man? How will a truly gullible girl cope with a red blooded husband? Has she chosen the right gentleman? Is he what he seems? Join Imogene as she stumbles at the first hurdle of marriage and lurches into chaos, unsure who she can trust and who she should love.

Her life has changed forever… but is it to be for the better or for worse?


DISCLAIMER: Viscount Weston’s Bride is a book of deep passion with elements of discipline and explicit sexual scenes, including anal play. If these offend you, please do not purchase this book. No characters in this book are based upon any real persons, living or dead.