Forty-two-year-old Dina Conte had been a widow for a few years, but as far as her heart was concerned, she’d lost her husband only a few days ago. Her sister knew that if she didn’t do something drastic, Dina was going to end up spending the rest of her days alone, when that would have compounded the tragedies in her life.

So, her bratty younger sister decided to do something about that, especially since the small motel that her sister and brother-in-law had run together desperately needed a handyman, considering that this was the perfect illustration of two birds and one stone.

Enter Garrett Birch, who was just about the furthest thing from your typical Mr. Fixit as any one man could be. But he was tall and muscular and gorgeous—and about seven years younger than Dina, none of which were things that endeared him to her.

But as soon as he laid eyes on her, Garrett had known that Dina was the woman for him.

Unfortunately, convincing her of that fact wasn’t going to be easy.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains power exchange scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.

Available November 14th