Available February 23rd

Judge Wilson Dunn has an extremely bad heart, and the people who know the Dunns claim that it’s Keely who has kept him alive this long. Keely loves her father, and she isn’t about to tell him that their cattle are being systematically rustled; their hired hands murdered. On top of that, someone is blackmailing her – threatening to tell her father that she is Miss Peaches.  

Lucas Mackenzie’s granddad, Bulldog, recently passed away, and Lucas is making a trip to see Wilson Dunn to tell him in person. He has questions he wants to ask of the man, in order to learn of Bulldog’s past. Lucas knows something caused his gramps great pain, but he has no clue what, and he hopes Wilson can tell him.  

While he’s talking to the judge’s neighbor, shots are fired, and the stage coach driver stops the horses. Lucas wants to fight. Elderly Mrs. Murphy advises against it, stating it must be Miss Peaches, and they won’t be harmed if they don’t resist.  

Keely nearly passes out when she set eyes on Lucas. She’s positive he’ll recognize her from the robbery – and when he doesn’t, she warns herself not to fall in love with the handsome man. If he does learn she is Miss Peaches, he might tell her father. The shock of that would kill her completely honest papa, who served on the bench for many years, sending many people like her to prison!

Lucas isn’t about to let Mr. and Mrs. Murphy do their best at matchmaking, even though Keely is beautiful. She has a sharp tongue and a quick temper. Besides, he needs to find that hellion, Miss Peaches. He owes that female a hiding she’ll never forget for taking her whip to him during the robbery. He intends to enjoy every second of his retaliation… 

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains elements of power exchange and domestic discipline.