Sometimes when you aren’t looking for that special someone, the perfect person appears.

Four full-length sweet contemporary romances featuring: Don’t Mess with Jess, Hannah and Hawk, Totally Tori, and Kelly’s Haven.

Don’t Mess with Jess

MacAllister Evans has custody of his twin sister’s baby. He works a hundred hours a week and has gone through three nannies in three weeks, so in desperation, he calls Jessie to help. You don’t mess with Jess, everyone knows that, but she has a way of getting under his skin and over his knee…

Hannah and Hawk

Derrick Hawk looks into the blue eyes of the little blonde and falls, hard. But she is young, just starting her life and business, while he is well established and has already raised a child. Does he want to start over again? How would they mesh their lives together? Could they?

Totally Tori

After conversing with a man online, he seems to be what Tori is looking for in a partner. Does she dare take the risk and meet him face to face? She never imagined that she’d meet the Sir of her dreams, or that he is, literally, the man next door.

Kelly’s Haven

She meets Ryan Carter when she visits her nephew for the first time. They feel a connection and, when she runs into him again, the connection is still there. Ryan is sexy and stern and everything she didn’t know she was missing.

Everything she is afraid to want.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy collection of contemporary romances contains elements of power exchange.

Available October 3rd