Can she make a new life for herself by stealing a dead woman’s identity?

Isabel Carrie Reynolds is the oldest daughter of Grover Town’s richest landowner. Her father wants to see her settle down, but all she wants is to go east to school. Set to take matters into her own hands, she sneaks off to the train depot, where she meets a mysterious stranger. When her father catches her attempting to run away, he orders her not to leave the house and warns he will find her a husband. True to his word, he invites a tall, handsome, imposing man to dinner, who turns out to be the stranger from the train.

Two weeks later, the deal is done, and her hand is taken in exchange for a chunk of her father’s land. Always one to follow her own rules, she doesn’t let the fact that she’s become an instant wife and mother stop her. Her husband’s warning of discipline doesn’t curtail her, but soon she discovers he means business.

Cary Brown is a man who has lived his life divided, like his race, half white and half native. When he ends up with the responsibility of his brother’s two children, he’s set on working his own land and building a home for the little ones. But the land he wants comes with a price; take the man’s wayward daughter or no deal. However, his new wife refuses to be tied down, and he soon learns the young woman, who is determined to teach, needs some instruction of her own. When a situation happens in town that places his wife in jeopardy, he will fight against anyone to save the woman who taught him to love and gave him a home.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy western romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

Available October 7th