Janelle has always felt out of place. Before she was even born, her father ditched her unwed mother to pursue a career in sports, bringing shame to her family.

When Janelle finds a tiny kitten alone in a dumpster early one morning, she feels an immediate connection and wants to nurse it back to health, but she lives on campus in the dorms and pets aren’t allowed. Mack, the quarterback for the college football team and her temporary Resident Adviser, helps her pull the kitten out of the dumpster. He firmly tells her that she can’t keep the kitten in her room, but then helps her get the kitten situated in a foster home.

After spending some time together, Mack asks her out on a date. Janelle knows that her mother won’t approve of her dating a man who wants to pursue a career in sports, but when he suggests becoming her Daddy as well as her boyfriend, she can’t say no. His gentle and patient love starts to heal all of her old wounds. But what will happen when her mother finds out?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet romance with a theme of age play and power exchange.

Available June 10th