Available November 30th

Ever since she was a teenager, Katie Danvers has known she would one day inherit her grandfather’s position as CEO of Danvers Industries, assuming of course that she was married. It was a requirement laid down in a very different era but that still remained legally binding. She was in no hurry to marry, though, so she didn’t worry much about her future.

When she and Gavin Kerr got engaged, suddenly such matters became serious. Does she even want to be CEO? Before, she was the only family member possible as successor, but now Gavin will be family, too. Grandfather is very impressed with Gavin’s executive abilities and trusts him as his right-hand man. Does this mean Katie could have a choice?

Gavin is a traditional strong Scotsman, and it’s been a struggle for independent Katie to accept his leadership in their personal life. What would it mean to them if she were to become CEO? Was it possible to be the boss at work without damaging their close personal relationship? Other factors also figure into her decision, and, as Grandfather waits, she struggles with an answer, knowing it will impact both her and Gavin for the rest of their lives.

Will she do what she thinks is expected of her, or will she follow her heart?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange. If this offends you, please do not purchase.