Victorian London, 1893. Lady Juliet Gaudain is turning eighteen and is to inherit a vast fortune and shipping line from her deceased parents. But that is not all she will inherit. She quickly learns her father was a warrior from an ancient race of Britons with supernatural powers who were cursed by the Druids to become vampires. Forced to hide within normal society through the ages, they mated with humans and created a hybrid race. Juliet must now complete her transformation in to a vampire and ascend her throne to become the powerful Queen of the Taleians. She must unite her people scattered across the world with the aid of a mate, fate has provided for her as protector. Wickedly handsome rich Lord Nathan Valancourt is more than eager to accept his new role and title of Knight of Swords as the beautiful Taleian Queen’s, ruling loving mate, protector, advisor and leader of her Army. But first he must fight a series of dangerous sword duels with other nobleman vampires who have been given the right to challenge his claim to the Queen and take her from him and force her to join with them. Nathan must defeat the devious challengers determined to take Juliet from him and protect his Queen from the cruel vampire who will stop at nothing to possess her power. Only then will he be able to consummate his blood relationship with Juliet destined to last for eternity.

Available from our publishing partner, Wild Girl Publishing March 26th