Here’s the fourth tale of the new spicy, fast-paced Operation Big Rock Romance series, a spin-off series from the original five-book Big Rock Romance Collection.

Lacy Hardy’s reputation is ruined, and she is completely innocent. Her escort, Carl, is a perfect gentleman when he finds shelter for them on that awful, stormy day. The storm lasts through the night and when they finally make it home the next day, rumors are already flying. Carl agrees to marry her, but he is murdered on the morning of their wedding.

Emmett Burke is a blacksmith in Big Rock and would be the object of every young woman’s attentions if there were any available young women in town. The Big Rock Ladies’ Aid Society, acting on the request of the pastor’s wife who is a long-time friend of the Hardy family, determines that Lacy is a perfect match for Emmett.

Step back in time to Big Rock, where surprises abound, men set expectations and consequences, and sizzling passion lays in store for not only Lacy and Emmett, but for Lacy’s mother, too!

Publisher’s Note: The fourth book in a series, this can also be read as a standalone. This humorous, action-filled, Western romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available March 25th