Working and fulfilling her lifelong dreams with her best friends and ‘sisters in sin’ since grade school by her side, Monet Davis is living her best life. Going from ideas and sketches on paper, to their boutique, to an entire clothing line launch, her and Shay are giving the world of fashion a real run for its money. Although her passion for fashion brings Monet joy, it’s her work with the crew and her ‘special talents’ that brings her calm. With the threat of Tayana’s brother and reinforcements coming in to wreck all they worked so hard to build, she and the crew find themselves in the middle of a war none of them asked for and her being called on more and more to put those talents to work.

In the midst of the chaos that is now her life, Damien ‘Diamond’ Padam, her and Shay’s handsome business partner, steps out of her dreams and into her reality with promises of love and a level of intimacy she isn’t too sure she is able to give. When the conflicts in her present and the ghosts from her past began to overlap, Monet is ready to trade in her stilettos for track shoes. But she knows it’s time to face her truest fears and darkest secret once and for all before her new perfect world she wants to build with Diamond begins to crumble at her feet.

This is book three in the Dangerous Love series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Notes: This contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, action, sensual scenes, possible triggers for some readers, and a happily ever after.

Available October 14th