Star was raised in a post-apocalyptic, sheltered environment, cherished and educated until she turned eleven. From that day forward, all physical contact ended, and her life changed, but she had no idea why. Until the day she was given a drug to paralyze her temporarily, strapped to a cross, and taken to him.

Tru was a leader among men, created and trained after the demise of the earth to be a fighter and to someday take over the land with his bravery. He ordered her to be his mate many years ago, before she was created. He paid for her to be raised to his specifications and to be educated as he saw fit. And now the time had come for him to reap the rewards. His slave was grown and ready to come to him, to keep house for him, cook his meals, tend to his needs and most importantly, to bear his children.

But Star soon finds that her life will never be the same. Tru is a strict disciplinarian and he has given her many rules to follow. Can she conform to his way of life? Does she even want to? Planning her escape would be difficult, but she promised herself she would find a way.

Publisher’s Note: This futuristic, sci-fi adventure is full of graphic scenes and power exchange. Do not read if this is offensive to you.

Available September 28th