Managing Maisie’s Mischief by Laura Hart

Releases: June 13th from Blushing Books


He was a decorated pilot who had tamed the skies, but could he tame his new wife?



Mischief… Mayhem… That’s Maisie!

In the first two books of The Earl’s Acceptance, we met Maisie, Quinn’s irrepressible sister and Mandy’s sister-in-law, best friend, and occasional partner in crime.  This final book in the series tells Maisie’s own story—her adventures as a free-spirited young woman with a voracious appetite for fun.

If there was trouble anywhere in the county, she could find it, said her brother Quinn.

The M in her name stood for Mischief, not Maisie, said others.

Now she’s married to Michael, her childhood sweetheart, a hardened and disciplined RAF fighter pilot who tamed the skies and came home with medals.

His new mission might be the most difficult yet.  What will it take to tame his new wife?



Sneak Preview

Almost immediately another drop of water fell, this time onto some papers Logan had been looking at. Logan frowned and looked up at the ceiling, where he saw a water stain spreading.  He looked at it in disbelief, then turned to his brother.

“Should I assume Maisie’s home this morning?”


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