One woman. Three brothers. Which one will win her heart?

Adric is the oldest brother of three. They are each determined, dangerous, loyal and looking to stay safe in their damaged world. Adric wants Vidal as retribution, a prize. He stole her and claimed her as his own. Sharing her was their original plan for vengeance. But once Adric got Vidal in his grips, he’d fight his brothers, her family and the woman herself, to win her over. It’s not her love he wants, though. It’s her body. At least, that’s what he tries to tell himself as things unravel all around them.

Vidal has led a sheltered life. But when she is taken by Adric, she discovers the life she thought she had lived with her father was an illusion. Her fiancé, Douglas was not as he seemed either. Life with Adric causes her nothing but confusion. One minute she thinks he likes her, the next he proves he doesn’t. Vidal is unsure of her place in his life but doesn’t think going home is an option any longer or if she really wants to leave.

This is book one in the Cruel Masters series and can be enjoyed independently.

Available November 24th