Danger abounds in the dark of night. Will Johnathan and Lucy find love?

In a small town of bottle blondes and sweater vests, Lucy has never quite fit in, her gothic wardrobe marking her the black sheep amongst her conservative neighbors. Stuck in a seemingly endless engagement to her high school sweetheart, spending her days pulling double shifts at work, and fighting a losing battle with the tuition for her night classes at the local community college, she finds herself desperate for something more in life.

After a scheduling mix up lands her in the wrong class, she finds herself face to face with the unusual and seductive professor Johnathan Wright. Professor Wright is mysterious and sexy and for some reason Lucy finds herself drawn to him. After a date, and then another he begins to guide her into a strange new world of bloodsucking creatures of the night, power exchange, a journey into self-discovery and sexual awakening.

Before she can decide if John is the more she’s been looking for, a nefarious villain returns from his past and reveals not everything is how it seems, leaving Lucy caught in the middle of their centuries old feud. If she is to survive the dark night she’s been plunged into and the ancient threat at her doorstep, she must learn to access the true strength that lies within submission, within her.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary paranormal romance is intended for adults only. It contains supernatural elements, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, danger, power exchange, adult themes and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Available October 28th