Finding what she never knew she needed…

Maria Spallone is your typical girl-next-door. Living with her mother in upstate New York and pursuing her degree in early childhood education, there really isn’t anything extraordinary about her. Her life changes dramatically when she meets Damien Price, a licensed clinical therapist and disciplinarian in Manhattan, specializing in stress relief.

When Maria finds his ad in the classifieds and schedules a session with him, she soon discovers exactly what it is he does. It started out as curiosity, but now that she’s had a taste of what he has to offer, she’s hooked.

Finding it mutually difficult to remain platonic, in spite of his office policies, they pursue a relationship outside of the office. But when he finds out about her secret, one she’s been holding on to for years, it could be all over.

What will be the asking price for allowing her to stay? What will he require of her in order to know his love?

This is book two in the Starting Over series but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange and content which may trigger some readers.

Available October 2nd