Available Feb 23rd

Big Crime in a Small Town…

Abandoned in an airport thousands of miles from home with no way to get back, Emmy Reece finds herself dependent on an officer from the Highway Patrol to get her there. Stubborn, sassy, and determined to do it alone, he gives her little choice; she can accept a ride with him and get home safely, or she can sit in the airport all night with him and wait until someone comes to get her.

Jackson Collins has been called on for a transfer to Pike’s Bluff to do some investigating. Human trafficking is taking place there, and girls are disappearing from the local hospital. He doesn’t expect that this young lady will be involved. Incredibly drawn to her, he realizes he’s fallen deeply for her before he even gets her home. Love at first sight, just like his own parents?

Is she at risk? Or is she involved in the scheme? What do the FBI and the HP want with her?
Will their worlds collide, or will they come apart?

Publisher’s Disclaimer: This action-packed romance contains some graphic scenes and themes of power exchange. If either of these offend you, please do not read it.