Olivia is damaged goods, and she knows it. She has specific needs that most men can’t meet, and she has problems with trust. Her issues stem from something a neighbor did to her one summer afternoon when she was eight. While most of her friends at college seek out romantic partners, Olivia gets her non-sexual needs met at Club Domino with a married Daddy Dom. She spends her spare time running a survivors’ group for other women like herself and hanging out with her best friend and fellow submissive, Jessie.

Seth isn’t at college to make friends, find romance, or even to get an education. He’s there to escape the unhealthy codependent relationship he has with his alcoholic mother and verbally abusive father. Once he’s away from their toxic environment, he quickly becomes friends with his new roommate, Jessie, and starts joining him nightly for dinner with Jessie’s friends Olivia and Paula. Paula invites them all to join her in a tour of Portland’s most haunted places. At the first location, Seth and Olivia spend some time alone and quickly bond over their mutually crappy childhoods. Seth asks Olivia on a date, and she apologetically turns him down, explaining her specific needs as a Little.

Olivia is shocked when Seth still wants to date her, even after she’s confided in him. But can she ever trust a man to be her boyfriend and her Daddy at the same time?

Publisher’s Note: This story contains elements of power exchange, ageplay, and deals with serious issues of surviving childhood sexual abuse that may disturb some readers.

Available October 6th