Title: Of Love and Make Believe

Author: Samantha Schutzman

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Coming to Blushing Books on June 9th!

Sometimes the deepest loves are those forged in conflict…

Princess Roxas is a shifter. Like her spirit animal, the tiger, she is wild and stubborn. She is also haunted by her past – literally. The hunters are after her, and in order to survive, she is forced into a marriage beyond her control. Her new husband, Prince Daxius, has the unenviable task of keeping her safe as the newlyweds try to rebuild their kingdom.

Daxius has come a long way from his own home in the Shadowlands to the broken kingdom of Vera; the lands over which he and Roxas must now rule. He is strong-willed and a strategic thinker, but he adheres to the rules too often for his own good. His way of keeping his new wife safe is to forbid her from leaving the castle and not let her run wild.

That is easier said than done. As feisty as she is beautiful, Roxas fights him at every turn, forcing Dax to maintain the upper hand.

Can they both come together amidst the chaos and keep each other safe? Will they be able to enlist the help of allies to aid in keeping the hunters at bay?


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