Arturo Cruz, a bodyguard who will hunt down anyone to protect an innocent life, the only person she can trust. As a scientist at Sweets Incorporated, Katima’s time is running out. Line’s blur while a threat arrives at her doorstep. Will Katima forfeit her life, or will she fight for the love that has just begun to blossom?

Rosolino Picone, mafia princess, the runner. Avoiding marriage, she runs into Nicholai Falcone hiding out in Texas. Each holds secrets that, when found out, could rock the entire foundation they have built. The hunt for Rose begins, leading to a countdown for all the lies and secrets to spill out. Will they survive? Or will this be the end of both lovers? 

Vittorio Picone, her rescuer and prisoner. He won’t let Eunji Kim go, a woman who’s terrified and just wants to start life over. As the sparks between the two lead to a passion hotter than a hit gone wrong, a new threat to Eunji’s life comes out of the darkness. Can Vito rescue her one more time, or will he lose her to the chaos that surrounds being involved with the mafiosa lifestyle?

 Stripper Araceli Doe has no memories of her past life until Luciano Picone walks into her club and her entire life is thrown into a tailspin. As their passion grows, Araceli’s memories start to come back, and what she sees isn’t pretty. Luciano isn’t the only monster she’s fighting. Can she face her demons, or will she succumb?

Publisher’s Note: This Sicilian series is a dark mafia romance containing graphic scenes that could be triggers and power exchange. Dark themes such as child abuse, stalking, kidnapping, abuse, death, trafficking, and dubious consent. 

Available September 23rd