Available May 25th

Piper was going to get to the bottom of her father’s death no matter how many of Jackson’s lines she had to cross. Piper had a plan. Jackson had other plans.

Piper Gentry was not one to back down from a challenge, not in her international investments company or in her personal life. When her father died for no apparent reason Piper, her brother, sister, and neighbors were devastated. Piper developed a plan to make the ranch more profitable but it would mean some major changes. One of those changes included Piper running the ranch. Her brother made Jackson a condition of agreement. She reluctantly agreed.

Jackson Knight loved Piper Gentry and when her father died, Jackson lost a mentor. Sad though it was, the event brought the sassy woman who had changed his world forever, back into his life. However, this Piper was new and improved and oh so independent. When Piper found information that suggested another investment firm may have been responsible for her father’s death, she was determined to uncover the truth.

When there were attempts on his woman’s life and the danger increased in all areas of her world, Jackson went into protection mode. He would do anything to keep Piper safe, no matter what her initial plan had been. He had no idea to what lengths he would have to go to accomplish his woman’s safety but he would do it. The real question was would it be enough?