Available March 16th

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When Irelynn O’Malley returned to the country of her birth, she only wanted to be left alone to cry and sort out her life.  She did not want a bossy young police officer dogging her every step, spouting off his opinions about nearly everything she did.

She did not want her cousin Rory hounding her to leave the shelter and go and stay with his parents. And she especially didn’t want her cousin Colleen, the one she’d been closest to as a child, to pry into her reasons for leaving Ireland.

Even if Colleen was willing to spill her guts about how she’d managed to catch such a handsome husband, that didn’t mean Irelynn was going to relax her guard.  Oh, her story twas interesting to be sure, but Irelynn’s secrets were much too painful to talk about over Irish coffee and wine.