Available March 9th

When notorious outlaw Sonny Shade is mortally wounded in a shootout with the law, he surprises everyone by informing them that he has left a will designating a guardian for his daughter. A judge accepts the document and decrees Rafe Mallory the guardian to Amanda Rose Shade. He sends two deputies to escort her to her new home. 


Mandy is shocked when two deputies appear at her isolated cabin, inform her of her father’s death and carry her off to a man she has never heard of before, let alone met. She does not go easily. 


Rafe is angry at having his concentration broken when his doorbell rings. Expecting his willful little sister and prepared to issue some well deserved discipline, the former lawman is shocked to discover a pair of deputies and a struggling prisoner, cursing up a storm. He is handed the court order as he is informed of his new responsibility, the handcuff is transferred to his arm and the rapidly departing deputies declare that she is all his – for the next three years, no less. She? Rafe tries to call the deputies back, but they refuse any further involvement. They have fulfilled the judge’s orders. 


Will the stern lawman be able to take his new, recalcitrant ward in hand? 


Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains themes of domestic discipline.