Mara Logan finds herself kidnapped in Paris by handsome young French billionaire, Stephane Garreau. She is held to ransom for the return of his ill sister from Mara’s ex fiancé who is determined to inherit and control her fortune on her death. Mara discovers Stephane is attracted to her despite the situation and his efforts to remain cold and distant. She quickly learns he is too powerful a man in all senses of the word to resist. But she must focus and remember the reason she came to Paris, to bring down a dangerous criminal and free an innocent man from prison. Stephane discovers his beautiful captive is hiding a secret and he isn’t the only one who wants her. He will stop at nothing to protect her from the danger that followed her to Paris and convince her she belongs safe in his arms. Can they find a way to be together and ensure an amicable solution to the problem or will the billionaire have to keep her a captive to make her stay by his side? Will Mara retaliate and deny his need to possess her?

Available from Wild Girl Publishing April 22nd