Revenge, secrets and love all run hot on the high seas.

Madelyn Pendant doesn’t know what’s in the satchel her dying mother requested she deliver to the infamous gentleman pirate, Jacques LaSalle de Rohan. She only knows that she must fulfill her mother’s last wishes. Rudolph Gustavo is an unwanted suitor with a signed contract of marriage, who will keep her from her mission if she doesn’t leave immediately for the Pirate’s Hideaway. With the help of her erstwhile cousin, Snipes and the handsome Captain Wingate of the Trinity, she makes her getaway and is safe from Gustavo’s clutches, but for how long?

Captain Josiah Wingate runs his English galleon back and forth between France and the Caribbean for Jacques LaSalle of the Pirate’s Hideaway. When he spirits the beautiful Madelyn Pendant away from the clutches of Gustavo, he is instantly attracted and decides he must keep her safe from Gustavo, even if he has to marry her to do so.

Publisher’s Note: This action packed pirate romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available March 18th