Available April 27th


Morgan MacAlister and his wife, Kat, return to the Highlands to reclaim Morgan’s heritage, only to find that the sister he left behind is waging a war of vengeance on their traitorous half-brother, Canton’. He soon finds that Eileen is not the innocent young girl he left behind but will he actually be forced to declare war against his own sister to regain his birthright?

Gallagher Glencairn has returned with Morgan to reclaim his own inheritance and finds the golden-haired lass with the beautiful haunted eyes now rules his clan. Gallagher is determined he’ll take his clan back any way he has to. He gives Eileen two choices, she can agree to wed him, or he will wage war against her and take his inheritance back. Neither choice is palatable to him but Gallagher was born to rule Glencairn, and rule it, he will.

 Fiercely embittered from being used by men as a pawn in their schemes, Eileen is not happy to see her brother return. Nor is she happy to see the son of the laird she married, bore a son too, and whose lands and titles she inherited for her own son, arrive with him. Eileen is tough on the outside, but harbors a terrible secret within; a secret of pain, betrayal and a fierce desire for revenge.