Sally’s Journey

Finding the Finer Things

by Robin Harrington

Available on June 8th

Sally, an independent girl obsessed with numbers, is determined to run her sex life free from ties or commitments. Then she finds a man who introduced her to a world of finer things: fine art, fine wine, fine food, but with it comes discipline and pain. Sally discovers punishment and submission can bring her to levels of sexual delight she didn’t know were possible.

But her journey to find the finer things proves to be complicated and dangerous. Sally becomes entangled in criminal conspiracies and international money laundering. She is carried off to strange lands, where she has to use all her sexual allure, her capacity to endure pain and her skill with numbers to survive. Through all the turmoil, will Sally be able to find a way to resolve her growing need for an exclusive relationship with the man who brings her so many fine things?

About the Author

Robin Harrington has always been reluctant to say too much about his background. He doesn’t deny he was brought up in North London, nor that he left school at sixteen to do a range of jobs from managing a fast-food restaurant, to driving furniture vans. He has spoken of a series of unlikely encounters, “Some of them pretty weird,” which somehow led to his taking up historical research. He tells me books and reading were always there, offering him an imaginative escape. I believe Robin lives in the UK at the moment, though he has spent time in other parts of Europe

When pressed Robin explained that he became interested in the idea of writing discipline and spanking stories through reading Victorian classics, such as the Whippingham Papers and, from the twentieth century, Pauline Reage and Alexander Trocchi. His own stories, almost always seen from the female point of view, explore the way spanking and discipline bring an erotic charge and extend the sexual possibilities for those involved.