Available March 24th

I am more beast than man, a genetic creation by human scientists. A product of the Apocalypse and the near destruction of mankind. But my kind are their only hope – their savage hope in a world where humans are barren. Yet, there are those in the Order who will stop at nothing, hunting until we are extinct. Only one woman; a human and my intended mate can stop the madness.

I am a scientist’s daughter, a privileged woman required to follow the rules. But I refuse to succumb to the tyranny that is the new government. Until I am thrown into the lottery, a game created to give people hope. I must select beasts as mates or mankind will perish. I see the truth. I know the end. Lies and deceit have carved the way. Only one man, a powerful white tiger, my lover and protector, can provide salvation.
If it’s not too late…

Publisher’s Note: This post-apocalyptic romance offers adventure, danger, mystery suspense, explicit scenes, and ménage themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.