Sadie’s dream of becoming a professional cheerleader is dashed with one misstep during a hike. A devastating fall leads to a summer filled with surgery, recovery, and depression fueled anger. Forced to go to anger management class, she runs into Adam, the star quarterback for her college football team. The fact that he doesn’t recognize her at first, when she cheered for every one of his games last year, makes her realize just how far she’s fallen.

Adam’s dream of becoming a professional football player is dashed when he’s arrested for assaulting a man accused of rape. His spectacular fall from grace gets him suspended from the football team and shatters his confidence. He’s so distracted by his own anger and frustration with life that he barely acknowledges the woman that sits next to him in anger management class. Once she starts talking, he quickly realizes who she is and remembers that they had a one night stand the year before, making him think even less of himself than he already did.

Sadie and Adam quickly bond over their respective life changing events, and Adam asks her out. But after her fall, Sadie has decided that life is too short to have a relationship where her needs aren’t being met. She tells Adam that she enjoys pain and often fantasizes about it. He balks at first, but after some bold persuasion on her part, he gives in and tries it out. She has the best sex of her life, while he feels like a monster because he enjoys hurting her. Can her love and support help him recover his confidence and accept his kink? And in return, can his love and guidance renew her enthusiasm for life?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy new adult romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available September 8th