When Kenna Scott finds herself broke and alone, she risks everything and takes a job that will set her up financially for life. She wouldn’t be rich, but at least she’d never have to worry about
starving to death or having a roof over her head.

The willful, independent, twenty-two-year-old junior lab technician from Chicago knows the job she signed up for was way over her pay grade. Time travel—she had no idea it was even possible before she
agreed to this mission.
Kenna travels back to the old west (1870) to find an engineer who has vanished from a base located near the bustling town of Forest
Hills. But when she meets the handsome sheriff, can she stay focused on her mission, or will he distract her and convince her to stay? Is
the passion and protection that he offers worth staying for? Can
she leave everything behind for love?

Publisher’s Note: This Old West, time travel romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available October 16th