Their wedding and honeymoon were idyllic, but as summer approaches, Cade’s job as owner of a construction business naturally heats up. Lydia’s success serving as an American Sign Language interpreter in a successful pilot school to work program brings her some local fame and attention. The demands made on their time make life difficult as they struggle to find time for each other.

When a state senator who wants Lydia to interpret his talks and speeches asks to meet with her, she is flattered. But the good looking and powerful Senator Jacobi is not what he seems. When his mildly inappropriate behavior escalates into an obsession, Lydia finds herself trapped alone – in her own home – with a man who announces his intentions to violate and hurt her.

In an attempt to bring the senator to justice, Lydia needs the help of her best friend Sarah, a dynamic journalist committed to women’s rights, and other women who have also been victims. And because their men will never allow the risk and danger required to go after him, they must keep their work a secret for as long as they can. As it turns out, even in the time of ‘Me Too,’ it is difficult for regular women to prosecute powerful men.

Publisher’s Note: This story contains a theme of power exchange.

Available October 27th