They were instantly attracted to each other. But can she accept that he is a Dom?

Cade McCauley and Lydia Lang knew there was something between them the first day they met on a construction site where Cade was the foremen and Lydia was in the unusual position of serving as an American Sign Language (ASL) teacher for hearing-impaired high school students in a school-to-work program.

Cade found Lydia an enigma. She was independent and full of spunk yet Cade suspected she was submissive. She was sassy and strong-willed but became submissive when he called her to task on issues of health and safety.

Lydia thought Cade to be highly annoying, but because she had almost no experience with men, she struggled mightily with her attraction to him. He was domineering and take-charge but also gentle and caring. Lydia’s inexperience with relationships and confusion about her feelings for Cade made it difficult for her to reconcile her growing attraction and his need for dominance. The barriers to moving ahead in a relationship seemed insurmountable to Lydia, but when she is in danger, Cade races to save her. Will that convince her that his feelings for her are real?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available August 26th