Savannah Beauchamp has come to Boone, Indiana for her identical twin sister’s wedding. She has refused to spend any time in the small town for all of her adult life, even though most of her family lives there happily. Savannah is a jetsetter who spends her life traveling around exotic places where the wealthy spend their time. She is much too sophisticated for the tiny town of Boone. But her whole family seems to be conspiring to get her to stay. And when she meets the cowboy of her dreams, there is even more pressure for her to make Boone her home.

Ben, Savannah’s cowboy, vows to make her his, and her loved ones fully approve. But he knows better than to let her know how he feels. Their relationship is fiery and combative at first, only to become wildly passionate.

When Savannah is pulled back to France, she is torn between her two separate lives. If she chooses her cowboy and her family, she will have to face and conquer the demons of her past. Will she be able to do that?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available January 31st