Available January 20th


I am not dating. I am not dating. I am not…

As always, the devastatingly handsome face of Jake Hargett flashes in my mind’s eye, interrupting my mantra. I picture that smile, the one that makes my knees feel weak and my tummy go all to butterflies.

But I’ve been hurt. Too much so to take another chance. I’m better off laying low and focusing on the Polk Town family that I’ve returned to. Even if Jake seems to be everything I always dreamed of in a man. But will he take no for an answer?



Love at first sight is just stuff they make up in movies, right? I thought so, too, until I laid eyes on Buttercup. I’ve waited ten years for her to return to Polk Town. I’d almost given up on the idea. Then, one day she was back. And my world changed.

A gentle spirit, she’s even more fragile this time. I want to keep her safe and I want to make her mine. And give her the love she deserves. I can show her that a man can be strong as well as kind. But after all she’s been through, will she let me?


This is book four in the Sweet Texas Love series. It’s ten years later and all your favorite characters are here for a visit. If you haven’t visited Polk Town before, this book is a great place to start.


Publisher’s Note: This sweet romance is for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange and domestic discipline. If these offend you, please do not purchase.