Karia Daly is beside herself when her father informs her that she will be attending the Academy of the Arts on Avalon Mountain instead of the university where all her friends are going. The prestigious school, which is private and well hidden, is also known for being a disciplinary environment.

She hopes to follow in her famous father’s footsteps as an investigative reporter, and her assignment for her freshman year is to write an article about the new heir to the throne, Prince Henry. When the partying, playboy prince’s older brother was killed in an auto accident, Henry’s life suddenly changed. In an effort to clean up his image and prepare him for his new role, his father sends him to the academy for one year. Karia’s job is to inform the public about how much the young man has changed, and to make him look good while being ethical and truthful. It’s a tall order, and she must spend time with the handsome young royal, who is six years her senior, to complete her assignment.

But there is danger afoot, and the very stern, very dark and handsome Master Armstrong doesn’t like the idea of Karia and the prince spending so much time together. Karia’s father, who is the master’s mentor, agrees.

Now, Karia is torn between the two men. She is secretly dating the prince, but there is something about the master that keeps drawing her to him…

Publisher’s note: This steamy academy romance contains strong elements of power exchange.

Available December 18th