After the death of her family and the loss of her home, Beth finds herself in London, in a desperate situation which leads to a reckless act. Tom Reed, who is a master blacksmith, feels bound to teach her a memorable lesson about recklessness, even if this means taking her over his knee in a crowded square.

Both the lesson and the man who delivered it are hard to forget, and Beth comes to see that the stern master blacksmith may be the one who can aid her in her hour of need. The only choice she has left is to become his woman, although he vows he will not be lenient with her if she behaves badly.

Tom Reed’s ways are not only harsh, but gentle at times, and soon Beth begins to yearn not only to be touched by his strong hands, but also to find out the secrets mirrored in his dark eyes.

This is book two in Her Stern Husband series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher Notes: This historical romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of danger, suspense, sensual scenes and power exchange.

Available July 20th