Life is just about perfect!

Marci Andrews is in love with a great guy. She moved to Georgia with her boyfriend, Wyatt Masters, to be closer to her sister and brother-in-law and to invest in a western-themed campground. She lands a job that allows her to work from home, which often means sitting on the picnic table outside of her camper, feeling the wind in her face, or enjoying the scent of campfire. Life is so good, she sometimes fears that maybe things are going too well. Maybe something awful will happen to ruin everything!

Wyatt is not going to let her fret about an unknown future, but helps her to trust in today. And then, things do start to go wrong. Someone sneaks into the campground at night and spreads trash everywhere. Is it just a couple of kids out to cause mischief? Or is it something more serious? Maybe someone really doesn’t want them to succeed with their business venture… but how far will he go? Could they actually be in danger?

The Camping Cowboy is the second book in the Western Camping series, but can be read as a stand-alone.

Available January 30th