Welcome to Cuffs & Spurs…

In the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at the edge of civilization, is the Cuffs & Spurs lifestyle club. Where the men are rugged, forged by the elements, and cowboy masters of seduction. Where the women they meet are feisty, headstrong, and courageous enough to enter their Dom’s world, taking a chance to submit to the one man they find they cannot live without.

This is the complete collection of the original eight full-length sultry, steamy Western romances. It includes…

HIS UNEXPECTED LOVE: Jenna & Carter, The Beginning

Carter has been invited to Pleasure Island, a lifestyle themed resort on a private island in the Bahamas. His plans for the week include indulging in the finer points of life – mainly bedroom activities, and lots of it. He’s a man used to dominating a woman in every way imaginable, and then receiving praise and thanks from his selected bed mate for his prowess. That all changes when he runs into Jenna.


Carter is a simple man. He loves his ranch, his horses, and dominating women in the bedroom. Yet for the past year, he has become a monk. And all because of Jenna, a woman he had an unforgettable week with a year ago, who vanished from his life without a trace and left him reeling. When he discovers Jenna practically on his doorstep, Carter moves heaven and earth to draw her back into his life.


Mason is in a pickle. He and his brother are the co-owners of the Black Elkhorn Lodge and Resort. Their dream stands at the precipice of utter ruin because their previous chef embezzled every dime of savings they had. In a last-ditch effort to save his business from the brink of annihilation, Mason hires a new chef for their restaurant; sight unseen. Nothing can prepare him for Emily, the red-haired siren who waltzes into his resort, carting a set of chef knives and demanding to see her new kitchen.


Visiting the Black Elkhorn Lodge and Resort is Mia’s last option. She’s bordering on a nervous breakdown. And, to make matters worse, she has the foulest case of writer’s block in the history of the world. But she isn’t prepared for the surly, sexy cowboy – who looks like her every dark fantasy come alive – riding into her life on his trusty steed. Cole has only loved one woman in all his thirty-five years, until he lost her forever and swore he would never love another. That is, until Mia Evans, the burned-out, anxiety ridden author, needing to get away from her real life, nearly runs him over with her car.


Cora has a plan: move to a new town and make a better life for herself and her son. As a single mom, she’s not looking for a relationship of any kind. But then she never expected to have the sexy Garrett offer her a night of uninhibited pleasure with no strings attached. Garrett never expected Cora’s surrender to his touch to be so sweet – or tempt him to want more than just a single night.


Layla never imagined living in Jackson Hole until she inherited her grandfather’s veterinary practice. But at least there’s a lifestyle club available where she can get her so-not-vanilla needs met. And yet, there isn’t a single cowboy at the club who makes her stop and take notice… until the night she gets called in for an emergency at Hunt Trail Rides and runs into the owner. He’s big and brawny, looking more like a throwback to a Scottish raider than a modern-day cowboy. And then there’s the little fact that he kisses her brainless in under five seconds. That has to be a world record.

HIS SECRET LOVE (plus Bonus Scene)

Meghan has a plan for her life, and it does not involve falling in love. She doesn’t have the time, nor the inclination. She’s too busy trying to save the world. But when a freak snowstorm puts her in the path of a man she has secretly been fascinated with for years, she is forced to reconsider her stance on dating. Spencer is rude and obnoxious, with his bad boy swagger, but then he rescues her when she gets stranded on the side of the road, like a knight in tarnished armor, and sweeps her away to his house to ride out the blizzard. As the storm rages around them, they surrender to a passion hotter than the sun.


Rayna’s entire life is a lie. She avoids relationships as if they were the plague – mainly because the people who get close to her wind up dead. And yet her newest next door neighbor, the sexy, stoic Jack, is making her want to break all her rules. The problem is, he’s a cop, and she doesn’t know how long it will take before her past catches up to her and all her secrets are revealed.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy collection of eight full-length novellas includes themes of power exchange.

Available December 12th