Annabelle “Anne” Barkley is part of a small crime family in the old west. Her whole life, she’s been told that family is the most important thing. She is very religious and has never murdered anyone, despite living as a bandit.

Then, she meets Clayton James. He’s sexy, charismatic, and works as a bounty hunter. As much as she might try to fight against it, she finds herself getting pulled into a relationship with him. The relationship is dangerous from the start, and it forces her to drive an invisible wedge between her and her family. However, that isn’t the only problem, as she finds her life in danger, and the foundations of her world being challenged.

Clayton James is on a mission to find the two men who murdered his first wife. When he meets bandit Annabelle Barkley, however, he feels inclined to protect her. Will he be able to avenge his wife’s murder and protect the beautiful bandit at the same time?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, old west, romantic suspense contains a theme of power exchange as well as some graphic scenes.

Available November 24th