I had lived and fought for thousands of years, always winning the war. Why was one lone female so difficult to protect?

My gaze never faltered as I watched and waited for some sign that my wife was alive. Hours passed, as I fought the urge to tear down the world to find her. My barely contained wolf growled, and from my depths, a lone howl filled the night air. I promised when I got my hands on her, she would learn that her place was by my side.


Since returning from the lagoon, I had packed Sandalphon away. Like a toy a child had grown bored with, I didn’t want anything to do with my angel self.

The eve of war is upon us and Iver has become so much more than an offspring of a fallen. He has morphed and his wolf is the stuff of legends, huge, winged and coming for me. I have disobeyed him and when he finds me, I will feel his wrath. Shivers of anticipation race down my spine as he pursues me, his words echoing in my mind… You are a very naughty girl, Isabelle, and you will be punished

Publisher’s Note: The steamy conclusion to the Angels and Demons series contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

Available August 11th